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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Recommendations on Ammo

Having already said that you can never have enough ammo I have listed below the minimum amounts of ammunition that I have chosen to keep of each caliber. This is based on my shooting habits and financial capabilities as well as what I anticipate may be needed in an extended emergency situation. 

The recent difficulty to find many of the most common calibers is an indicator that many people believe as I do; that our ability to purchase ammo in the future is in danger. It is possible that there will be a day when ammunition will be next to if not impossible to get. I do not suppose that we will always be able to run down to the local gun shop to pick up whatever caliber we want and as much as we need. Recently, in my neck of the woods, quantity purchases of most calibers of ammo have been limited to between 1 and 5 boxes of any particular caliber to provide a level of buying fairness. My list below is a minimum quantity of ammo that I recommend that you should have on hand considering the possibility that there will be a time when ammo will no longer be available. For the same reasons that we should have food storage we should also have ammo storage; for a time of need. It is also conceivable that the time will come when ammunition becomes so expensive that most people will not be able to afford it. If this comes true I am sure that you can imagine what the value of your stockpile of ammo may become and the bartering value it could have. 

1. .22 Long Rifle: This is the most versatile ammo to shoot, buy and store. At currently about $.06 a round it is by far the most economical to practice with. Because of its small size and weight you could conceivably carry thousands of rounds with you in a ‘bug-out’ situation. 

Less than a year ago the cost of the .22 LR was less than $.04 a round and the demand for it does not seem to be letting up. To get this ammo you will either need to pay the exorbitant prices of individuals selling it at twice the going price or learn the patterns of when your local gun shops get their regular shipments in and then be there in line early enough to get the option to purchase a single box or two. Most retailers that I have seen are charging more for .22 LR but are not gouging. 

By a minimum limit of ammo. What I mean is the minimum amount that I will not shoot below unless it is an emergency situation. I keep more on hand than my minimum set quantity so that when I do take the family out to go shooting we do not go near or below that minimum quantity. I then replenish that amount the next time I am able to just as I would my food storage items. Keep an absolute minimum of 2,000 rounds of .22 LR on hand. 

2. 9mm (or whatever caliber you have chosen as your BFF): Keep an absolute minimum of 500 rounds. 

3. .223/5.56: For home defense keep an absolute minimum of 1,000 rounds. 

4. .357 magnum: A minimum of 250 rounds.

5. 12 gauge: A minimum of 250 rounds. I recommend that most of these rounds should be 00 Buck which is a very effective defense load. 

Of course if you can afford to store more I highly recommend it.


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