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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Reasons to be prepared?

What could happen? What will happen?  What are the reasons that you should be prepared?

OK then.  I’m not gonna tell you why you should be prepared.  I’ll just tell you why I choose to be prepared.  First, because the following reasons I have listed are very real possibilities and second, I adore my family!  I feel a deep sense of responsibility to provide for and protect them.  I live by the motto; “If it is to be, it’s up to me!”  I do not count on anyone but myself to make the preparations necessary.  This means not just to be ready for an emergency situation but to be ready for whatever situation my present itself, emergency or not.   Now that you better understand what makes me tick let’s get to it.   

EMP:   Electromagnetic Pulse.  This would wipe out sensitive electronics such as computers and cell phones and make them unusable.   This could be created by a high altitude nuclear detonation which would produce a large electromagnetic field which would destroy electronic components.  There are few things that can be done to protect ourselves from this threat.  Realize everything that is dependent upon electronics and computers and you will realize the incredible impact this would have on our lives.  No more internet, phones, credit or debit card purchases and many vehicles with their complex computer controlled systems would not function.  Commerce as we know it would cease.  Imagine the jobs that would be lost because of the elimination of the digital world we depend upon.  We have set ourselves up for big time trouble with this one.
Nuclear Attack:  It is well know that many countries have nuclear weapons and many more are working to obtain them.  The threat of nuclear war is far from being eliminated despite treaties and UN inspections.  Recent threats from North Korea tell us that it should be a concern that we need to prepare for.  Other than the EMP and nuclear warhead creates the destruction it leaves behind needs not even be addressed.  When the twin towers were attached on 9/11 the nation’s economy suffered.  Now imagine if a single or multiple large cities were destroyed.  What effect would that have on our already delicate economy? 

Terrorism:  Although our wonderful government has tried its darnedest (supposedly) to eliminate our enemies it is a fact that the Taliban and other terrorist groups such as HAMAS have only suffered little and continue to grow in spite of everything that has been done.  Because the US government has been the ‘Big Bully” on the block for many decades other countries feel that they should not have to be pushed around by our corrupt government and are taking actions that they feel need to be taken in order to defend themselves.   

False Flags:  A False Flag event is a covert military or paramilitary operation designed to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities, groups or nations that those who actually planned and executed them.  Many people believe that our own government is involved in operations against our own citizens to carry out its own agendas.

US Dollar/Economic Collapse:  The staggering US debt cannot be sustained.  Period!  Just as your own budget at home can’t remain unbalanced without eventually leading to bankruptcy the US of A is on a course of self-destruction.  The national debt is said to be around $17 Trillion.  Which is owed to the Federal Reserve; a private business owned by a conglomeration of banks.  The US government issues bonds to the Fed which are then sold to other countries.  One analyst estimates that by 2015 there will no longer be any other countries willing to purchase US debt because of our huge debt and declining credit rating.  With the US government making no significant efforts to curb spending the collapse of the US dollar is inevitable.   There are some economists that estimate our national debt, including all of the obligations of the US for social security, Medicare, etc. to actually be closer to $80T+!

Social/Civil Unrest:  As the government becomes more and more restrictive, as inflation increases, as the jobless rates increase, as our rights are being taken away from us behind closed doors and right in front of our eyes; individuals will take to the streets in protest.  With the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, which was supposedly created to control defend the US from ‘home grown’ and other terrorists.  There are many who believe that the DOHS was created as a way of controlling the citizens of the USA.  The DOHS has created their list of potential home grown terrorists which includes everyday ordinary people such as constitutionalists, preppers, survivalists, conspiracy theorists, Christian groups, militias and those who don’t trust or speak out against our government. 

Hyperinflation:  With the printing of more US dollars every day, without the backing of actual gold (AKA: The Gold Standard) which was done away with in 1971, which created ‘fiat’ currency, the US dollar continues to be less and less valuable with less and less buying power, thus the cost of goods and services will continue to rise.   I’m sure that all of us have noticed the rise in price of most everything that we buy: gasoline, food, tires and just about everything else.  Prices will continue to rise which will cause people to purchase only the necessary items that they can afford including food and other household goods.  Again, imagine how this will affect our economy and way of life.

Recession/Depression:  All of this leads to recession and depression.  Some would argue that we are still not out of our last recession.  Recession or depression means that our countries economic is not growing but rather that it is declining.  In a debt based economy, as ours is, the only way to grow is by obtaining more and more debt.  With individual debt also being at an all time high many families can no longer afford to take on more debt thus causing our financial system to suffer further.  
Infrastructure failure:  Our national infrastructure is in getting old and in poor condition.  Roads, bridges, sewer and water systems and the electrical grid of many major and small cities are in very poor condition generally.   With not only the national debt but also the debt of many individual states in very bad shape there is little means by which to repair or improve these critical systems.  Any single event could have a devastating effect.     

Solar Flares:  It is widely known that our sun goes through cycles.  Every 11 years or so the output of solar flares increases and then quiets down.  2013 is the year in which is expected the highest amount of solar radiation of the current cycle.  These solar flares have the same effect as and EMP and have been known to knock out electrical power from time to time and are dangerous to our technology.  

Gangs/Cartels:  While some parts of the country seem to be relatively free to gang and cartel activity that is not necessarily the case.  Gangs are everywhere and are continually working to expand their influence and boundaries.  Although right now you may not see the direct influence of gangs they will continue to grow.  Where there are gangs the Mexican cartels are there as well.  In Mexico there were over 100,000 murders in the last 6 years.  50% to 80% of these murders are attributed to the cartels and their drug trafficking activities.  Their murders are brutal and out in the open.  When we get into a national crisis of some kind where resources are scarce these gangs will band together in search of food and supplies.  The larger cities will be the most dangerous but they will expand their searching into the suburbs and beyond within time.  Also, as illegal, and now some legalized, drugs continue to become more popular the influence of gangs and cartels will continue to increase.

Looting/Scavengers:  In addition to gangs there are individuals that will also band together in search of resources.  Most homes across America do not prepare for an emergency and thus only have about 3 days worth of food supply in their homes before they are forced to go shopping.  This presents a very dangerous situation.  If FEMA cannot provide help after a disaster then these desperate people will do whatever they have to in order to feed themselves and their families.  

Evil:  The analogy of the frog in the pot of boiling water is so very true right now.  Look back just a few years and compare the condition of the world then with its condition now.  In order to do this accurately you need keep yourself somewhat educated about current events and conditions in the world.  This can be depressing and generally I have tried to keep myself in the dark.  Remaining sheltered from the world is not a bad thing; unless it keeps you from realizing the actual conditions you are in and the times and situations you should be prepared against.   As we evolve and improve our status in life, as our technology and comforts improve so does the level of evil in the world its control over us.        

Natural Disasters:  Depending upon where you live you are threatened by certain specific natural disaster scenarios.  While you must prepare for each eventuality you must also think of the affects that a natural disaster in another part of the country or the world would have on the economy and indirectly upon your area specifically.  When hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico damage oil drilling rigs it shuts down oil production for a time.  This almost always affects the price of oil and thus how much it costs to fill up the gas tanks of your vehicles as well the effect on the cost of most other products that also utilize oil.   

WAR:  The United States of America is almost always involved in war somewhere in the world.  However, the potential again for large scale war is always a possibility.  The tension between many countries such as North Korea, China, Iran and the US leaves the possibility for another world war wide open.  Wars are extremely expensive which would be a further drain on the US economy and get us even deeper into debt.  
The Golden Horde:  This refers to the migration of people flee the aftermath of a catastrophic event in search of food, water and shelter in a mass exodus.  When a population relocates its self they not only create a burden on the area they occupy but they also consume resources that are usually available to the local residents making commodities potentially scarce.  There is also an increased potential for crime (looting, stealing, etc.), social unrest and many other issues.    

Pestilence/Plagues:  The latest avian flu strain called H7N9, potentially ‘one of the most lethal’ viruses is still baffling scientists.  So far it has killed 22 of 108 people who have been infected by it.   It is thought that this new version of the bird flu has mutated and can now potentially be transmitted person to person and is resistant to some antibiotic drugs.  Revelations chapter 9 in the New Testament tells us that one third of the population of the world will die as the result of plagues.  

These are not all of the things that could happen; not all of the things that we need to be prepared for including every day emergencies and occurrences.  My point in illustrating these examples is that there are more than just a few different ways in which we need to be prepared if we are to survive the coming difficult times.  As we become more advanced, more automated and more efficient, more digital, more complex and more connected we also have become more dependent upon other systems that are beyond our control to provide even the most essential elements we need just to survive.  Our water is pumped, cleaned, sanitized and delivered directly to our own homes.  Our food is prepared in immense manufacturing facilities, shipped to even bigger distribution centers and then to our local grocery stores.  To fuel our vehicles we need only drive a few miles, at most, to a gas station.  We take all of these processes for granted and the ease at which we can get what we need and what we want just when we need it.  Regardless of how convenient our lifestyle has become we need to realize how fragile these systems can be and what is required to keep all of the wheels turning. 


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