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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Preppers firearm recommendations Pt. 1

Your firearm selection should be determined by your need, your method of use and purpose.

As I already mentioned, the first firearm I believe that everyone should own is a handgun I prefer the 9mm myself but you may choose a 45 ACP. This selection should be highly personal, meet your needs and philosophy of use. You may feel that a .357 snub nose revolver will work best for your needs. Whichever you choose, it needs to become your BFF.

You need to know it intimately and be able to use it in any condition, day or night whether it’s light or dark.  You should know not only how to clean and maintain it but also repair it.  Keep at least one of each of the most vulnerable parts that your handgun could need to be replaced.  Keep it clean, lubricated and ready for action.  Have multiple magazines and even parts for the magazines. 

If you decide to get a concealed carry permit and decide to carry every day then it should always be by your side, whether in its holster on your hip or in your nightstand at night.  If you are going to carry, always carry.  As part of the decision to carry you should also make the decisions beforehand of when and how you will use it.  I will not expound upon these decisions here but you should spend some serious and somber time researching and learning and deciding on what you would do in every conceivable situation that you may be confronted with.  Go through the different scenarios in your mind and make the decisions you need to make before you are presented with the situation.  The decision to carry everyday should not be taken lightly.  

As for how to carry your daily carry handgun I personally prefer an inside the waistband holster.  It is very comfortable, highly concealable and the model that I use can be worn with a shirt tucked in.  I do not support open carry in urban settings in the majority of situations.  

For your first and ‘primary’ handgun I highly recommend that you purchase either what is called a ‘full size’, ‘compact’ or even a ‘sub-compact’ model. I do not recommend a ‘pocket’ pistol or anything smaller than a ’sub-compact’. A full-size pistol generally means that the barrel is about 4’ in length and the grip is full size; all three fingers will have space on the grip. The compact model typically means a slightly shorter barrel and a shorter grip with only two fingers able to wrap around the grip leaving the pinky finger off on its own. The sub-compact typically means an even shorter barrel and also the same shorter grip. The compact and sub-compact model are easier to conceal as the longer grip of a full size tends to stick out more and is more easily revealed. If you are going to carry daily I would recommend either of these two categories. The reason that I do not recommend a pocket pistol for your primary handgun comes down to that they are generally just too small to operate as effectively as a sub-compact or larger pistol. They are not as easy to manipulate or nearly as accurate and are generally smaller and less effective calibers. You just can’t do as much with it. There are a few exceptions to this statement. Your choice for a primary handgun should also take into account what kinds of clothing you wear every day. If you wear a suit or a dress during the day you will need to take that into consideration. A pocket pistol does make it on my list of guns to own but it is lower in priority. If you are unable to choose a full, compact or sub-compact as your daily carry, and I mean carry on your person at all times, not in a bag or purse, then a pocket pistol may be the right choice for you. However, I believe that in most cases you do not need to compromise by carrying a pocket pistol. You can adjust your carry system to make most carry situations work. A good quality belt and just the right holster carried in the right position can accommodate most concealed carry needs. 

All of these things considered I feel that having your handgun on you at ALL times is more important than having a full size pistol in a bag that can be separated from your side. You must be aware about when you leave your the bag that hold your firearm in your office or wherever it may be and who would have access to it. This would create liability on your part and keep you without your primary defense weapon when you may need it most. I say this because I am at the point that if I don’t have my BFF with me all the time I feel unnecessarily exposed. You may need to have two handguns in order to accomplish this. Carrying a full size pistol while wearing shorts or running may not work well for you where as a pocket pistol most likely would.


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