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Friday, June 14, 2013

Firearms for preppers Pt. 5

My next choice in priority for the prepper is a .357 magnum revolver. Strange choice you say? One thing that you need to have in not only your firearms choices, but also in all your preparations, is some versatility and redundancy. By this point, if you follow my recommendations, you would have one handgun and three rifles. Two semi-auto rifles, one pump, one semi-auto pistol and now one revolver. I would make this, your 5th firearm, a full size 4” barrel or larger version. Go with the largest frame with the most capacity that will fit your hand well. Many manufacturers offer their revolvers in two or three different frame sizes; small, medium and large. 

The .357 magnum is a very effective cartridge and one of my favorites! It kicks hard so you may want a larger revolver to manage the recoil. The difference between shooting a snub nose .357 revolver and a large frame 4” barrel revolver is significant. The smaller revolver will be painful to shoot for most people while the larger revolver will be more pleasant. The power of the .357 magnum is undeniable and is effective for mountain lion and bear and, unless you live in grizzly territory. The ammunition costs about as much as the .45 ACP but has a good amount more power. This is another of the reasons I chose a 9mm as my BFF, because I had already decided on owing a .357 magnum as well. If you find yourself in the mountains often, as I do, where you are concerned about defense from cat and bear then this is the gun you should own. The revolver is also an extremely reliable gun. If you purchase a high quality Ruger or S&W you probably won’t ever have to worry about fixing it, unless you shoot it a lot. For the prepper this is a great defense weapon that, like the shotgun, with good shot placement, will stop an attacker in their tracks. This will not be a concealed carry weapon; or rather I should say that it will not be easy to conceal. I recommend this as a backup to your primary handgun in a survival situation.


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