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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Defense first steps

In my opinion one of the most important parts and first steps of your emergency preparations should be to own a gun and be proficient with it.  You should also train your family to do the same.  This will keep them safe and keep them from being afraid.  When you know how to properly and safely use firearms you will gain a sense of confidence as well as ensure that you can defend your family and your supplies. 

I will go into more depth about firearms later but here are my initial recommendations for you about how to get started.   

The first firearm that you should own should be something that has enough ‘firepower’ for self defense, is easy to operate, ammo should be readily available and common and something everyone of age in your home can use well. 

Many people advocate that a shotgun is the perfect home defense weapon, others an AR-15.   While I believe that you should have both of these weapons to be adequately prepared I believe that most families would benefit from owing a 9 mm handgun as their first firearm.  Why?  Because the best home/self defense weapon that you can own is the weapon that you can always have with you.   It is not always practical to carry a shotgun or AR-15 around with you.  In fact I discourage carrying any firearm openly except under certain conditions and situation that I will discuss later. My recommendation to you is for you to obtain a concealed carry permit and carry your weapon concealed.  This way you can always have it with you and always be prepared to defend your castle.  The safest place to store a handgun, besides inside a locked safe, is at your side.  Guns don’t do much good being locked in a safe if you ask me.  Keep it with you.  Keep it by your bed at night.  Don’t let it out of your sight.  

Why 9 mm   There are several reasons why I have personally chosen to make a 9 mm my primary defense weapon.  The ammunition is widely available, it is relatively inexpensive, magazines have a higher capacity, recoil is manageable and the 9 mm is proven to be a very effective round.  Yes a .40 or .45 will be more effective but not by much.  If you need more power you should be shooing a rifle or shotgun.  The higher capacity magazines of most 9 mm handguns, over .40 and .45, will give you a higher percentage of hitting your target.  Another reason that I choose the 9 mm is because I have a wife and 3 daughters who are capable of shooting this pistol well.  The recoil of the 9 mm is manageable for all of them.  And let me tell you, they are very accurate with it!  Accuracy and shot placement is more important than ‘stopping power’.  A 9 mm handgun provides everything you need to get started.  
To become proficient with your handgun you need to train with it and shoot it, a lot! Shooting .40 or .45 will be more costly.  Regardless of which caliber you choose you should train with it and get to know your personal firearm intimately. It should become an extension of your body. Training and practice are not only important they are essential.


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