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Monday, June 17, 2013

Additional Firearms Recommendations

From here there are a few additional firearms that I suggest that you should eventually add to your arsenal. These include:

1. B.U.G. – Back-up gun. A pocket gun or snub nose revolver would qualify. This could be worn on the ankle or appendix carry. Many police are known to carry an ultra light .357 mag revolver on their ankle as it is lightweight and powerful. My primary reason to carry a BUG is not only as a gun to back up my BFF but also to arm someone else.   As I mentioned, I have teenage daughters and a petite wife so I have chosen my BUG accordingly. Most pocket guns and compact revolvers are double action only which requires consistent practice to be a good shot. Double action only entails a longer heavier trigger pull with each shot just like a revolver (without pulling the hammer back first).  This, as well as  pocket guns being more compact makes them more difficult to shoot well.  Consider this as well as the safety features when making your choice for a B.U.G.

2. .22 LR pistol – Again, Ruger is my choice. Whether it is a 22/45, an LCR .22 LR revolver, or SR-22 you can’t go wrong. A .22 LR pistol can be used for practice and training because of the low cost of ammo and low recoil. 

3. At this point I feel that it would be appropriate to ‘reach out’ and consider a long-range rifle. While a long range rifle is not necessarily considered a defensive weapon by many preppers this will truly depend upon what you are defending. If you own a very large plot of land that you must defend, and need to reach out beyond 300 to 500 yards (the effective range of an AR-15 or AK-47) then a .308/7.62x51 caliber rifle should be your next choice. You should also consider that a .30 caliber round (like the AK-47) has more so called ‘stopping power’. Thus a rifle such as the Springfield Socom .308 rifle or a Ruger Gunsite Scout would both be an excellent choice for closer shots and some long range shots. Because these rifles have shorter barrels, as they are designed more as a scout rifle and meant for a wider variety of duties, it is not as accurate at longer distances. The Remington 700 in a 22” or longer medium or heavy profile barrel in .308 caliber can reach out to 1,000 yards and beyond much more easily and consistently. Whether or not you consider this needful will be up to you. There are a number of .30 caliber rifles that you can evaluate including the .30-06, 300 blackout, 300 win mag and others, but don’t forget the importance of commonality. 

4. Now, my following recommendation, regardless of which gun you chose as your BFF, as the next gun that you need to own is… a Glock. Whatever caliber your BFF is your Glock should be the same. I say this mainly so that you don’t have to stock up on an entirely different type of ammo. Redundancy means safety in aircraft and other critical systems. I consider survival to be a critical situation as well. This is why I am suggesting a second semi-auto handgun in the same caliber as your primary daily concealed carry weapon. If you have the means and would like a different caliber then by all means do what you want. Regardless, you need a Glock. It has been said that every Glock should be a 9mm and every 9mm should be a [model] 17. This is a ‘compact’ Glock 9mm pistol. Experts say that this gun will never wear out. It is the undisputed champ of reliability and accuracy. If your BFF is a Glock then get another one. Although I believe that everyone should own a Glock, a Glock may not be the right choice as your daily carry (BFF). The simplicity of a Glock is what makes it reliable but it also lacks some of the safety features that I feel are absolutely necessary as a daily concealed weapon. This is one reason why a Glock is not my BFF. 

5. More 10/22’s. Your preparedness plans should include having the appropriate firearm for each capable individual in your family. 10/22’s are a great option for this purpose, especially if you have teenage children, because they are lightweight, easy to shoot, inexpensive and so is the ammo. Beyond that, I also plan on passing my 10/22’s along to my children as they come of age. There are so many versions of this rifle available that they can be a great gun to create a collection around. 

While there are many other excellent firearm options available, these I feel are some of the basic essentials.


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